My Thoughts On Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

29 January 2015


This series is, by far, the best angel series I've ever read. From start to finish, I was hooked. I was completely invested in this story, and Becca Fitzpatrick's writing just got better and better. Not many authors can get away with changing their main character's species just for the last book, but Fitzpatrick nailed it. There was plenty of action, and a lot of time to adjust to this new side of Nora.

When it comes to the main characters of this series, Patch is still my favourite - and forever will be. This guy has so many different sides to him and we've seen them all: hard, cold, tender, caring, bitter... the list could go on for days. Fitzpatrick has crafted an all around amazing character in Patch. His story ended in a way that I could never have imagined, and the conclusion that Fitzpatrick drew up completely blew my mind. Tears were shed.

Nora has done a complete one-eighty throughout this series, and I admire her for it. We've seen the young, innocent Nora who wouldn't hurt a fly. We've seen the whiney, jealous Nora. We've seen the stubborn, determined Nora who won't stop trying. And we've seen Nora as she tries to defuse a war between immortal creatures. The latter is definitely the Nora I love most. We saw her go from being a meek, unwilling daughter, to the fiery leader of the Black Hand's army, and I couldn't believe the change that took place in her. Fitzpatrick absolutely nailed this story.

The sexual tension between Patch and Nora has been thick since the moment they met. I expected "the moment" to be skirted around, since this is a YA series, but somehow Fitzpatrick still managed to make it believable and beautiful in its own right. I, personally, am glad that Fitzpatrick waited so long before "the moment." It felt right.

Scott is a character that I've loved since his introduction. He and Nora share an almost sibling-like relationship. They're not serious when they're together unless the moment requires it, and I loved the banter between them. Their banter was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise grim situation, and I really enjoyed the fact that they didn't take their relationship beyond platonic. While this book satisfied me, it also completely broke my heart. Scott's story was one that I was thoroughly invested in, and while I admire Fitzpatrick for ending it the way she did, I was also extremely heartbroken. A tricky combination of feelings.

The last couple of characters that I want to talk about are Dante and Marcie. Right-hand man to Hank Millar himself, I never trusted Dante. I always felt as though an ulterior motive was lurking beneath the helpful exterior. The same goes for Marcie. This book saw a completely different side to her... a nice side. I was shocked. I couldn't believe what was happening. Was this the same Marcie that has been making Nora's life hell for as long as she's known her? I didn't trust that it would last. The way this novel wrapped itself together wasn't entirely unexpected, though there were a few twists that I certainly wasn't expecting.

Overall, this book is a great conclusion to an amazing series. I absolutely adore the world that Fitzpatrick has created, and I know I'll be re-reading these books for a long time to come. Everything about these books was stellar, and I kind of wish it didn't have to come to a close.