My Thoughts On Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

22 January 2015


Hush, Hush - the first book in this series - was one of the best angel books I've ever read, and Crescendo was, without a doubt, just as good. With an interesting plot, wonderful new characters, and heartbreaking romance, it's clear that this series is just going to get better and better. Though Fitzpatrick doesn't have an overtly flamboyant style, the way she writes flows beautifully and easily, and I can guarantee you'll fly through this book without even thinking about it.

After surviving an attack on her life by her Nephilim ancestor, Chauncey, Nora has been enjoying spending time with boyfriend and guardian angel, Patch. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and Patch has been acting distant lately. Not only that, but Nora has been having strange... encounters. Encounters with her dead father. As Nora follows a path she can't return from, she uncovers the truth about the murder that will change her life forever. 

The way Fitzpatrick writes romance is spot on. She combines just the right amount of tenderness and sexual tension to create a relationship that is as seductive as it is complicated. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and Patch's distance is getting too much. She begins questioning his loyalty, and we see a side of her that is very different from the Nora we know and love. Based on her character in Hush, Hush, I was suprised to see her succumb to petty jealousy and complete selfishness. I didn't like the Nora we met in this book, but I have no doubt that the Nora I adore will be back for the next installment.

When Scott Parnell, an old childhood friend of Nora's, returns to Coldwater, my initial emotional reaction was worry. I was convinced that Fitzpatrick was going to create a love triangle, and I was fully prepared for it. Thankfully, she completely sidestepped that aspect and I found myself growing more comfortable as the novel progressed. Scott as a character was intriguing. I was thoroughly invested in his story and loved every second of it. His background with the Black Hand was as interesting as it was mysterious and I found myself more than satisfied with the way Fitzpatrick brought about the truth. I truly hope Scott makes a reappearance in the next book. After the ending of this one, I find myself really caring about him.

Overall, this was a pretty intense read. I was thoroughly enthralled by the mystery shrouding Nora's father. Though I figured out what was happening pretty early on, I was still fascinated by the visions. When the truth came to light, I almost fell out of my chair. The major twist pertaining the murderer was mind-blowing, and I can safely say that I did not expect it in the least. The way Fitzpatrick tied up all the loose ends was art at its finest, and I genuinely believe she's one of the best authors I've ever read. And that cliffhanger? Ouch.