My Thoughts On Frostbite by Richelle Mead

1 June 2015


Though it's true that the plot of this novel does sound a little juvenile in places, I can assure you that's far from fact. This novel is a lot darker than its predecessor, Vampire Academy, and it will definitely keep you hooked until the very end. In all honesty, I actually preferred this sequel and I cannot wait to dive into the next book as soon as humanly possible.

Through Dimitri's training, Rose has grown up a lot since we first met her in Vampire Academy, and those changes really shine through in this novel. Though it's true that she is still very young in a lot of ways, her ability to act with reason has improved greatly. Unfortunately, she does still have a habit of making some rash decisions and the tragedy that occurs towards the end of this novel - though not entirely her fault - could have had a different outcome if she just asked for help. Nevertheless, I absolutely adore Rose and I can't wait to see how she grows throughout the rest of the series. 

And then there's Dimitri (cue swooning). I don't know how this man manages to ensnare me so completely, especially considering his near-relationship with Rose is quickly coming to a head. A decision was made at the very end of this novel that will shape them throughout the rest of the series, and while I can't talk about it for fear of spoilers, I will say that I'm still standing firm with my guess that the road ahead is not going to be easy for these two.

I didn't talk about Christian in my review of Vampire Academy, but he was a much more prominent character in this sequel. In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure what I think of him. His walls are practically impenetrable for everyone other than Lissa, and while I understand his need to keep people at a distance, it makes it very difficult to connect with him. Don't get me wrong, he has the makings of an absolutely fantastic character, but I think he needs to start opening up. With the introduction of his aunt, Tasha Ozera, I think that change may come sooner rather than later. I absolutely loved Tasha, and found her take on Moroi magic to be a good outlook. Why should they all hide behind their guardians, especially if they're willing to fight? I can see offensive Moroi magic becoming a major political debate, and I can't wait to see what comes out of it.

The story itself is more heavily based around the Strigoi in this novel, and it was interesting to learn a little more about them. Of course, the fact that they're getting smarter - and thus, more dangerous - is a little terrifying, and I have a feeling we haven't even begun to scratch the surface when it comes to the things that the Strigoi are capable of. Something big is going to go down in the next couple of books and I can't even begin to imagine what Mead has in store for her characters.

Overall, Frostbite made for a wonderful sequel. Though the subject matter is a little darker than Vampire Academy, the setting and characters lighten it up considerable. Mead has mastered the art of making us feel comfortable in her world and I'm beyond excited to explore more of it.