My Thoughts On Die For Me by Amy Plum

18 May 2015


Die For Me is a novel that I went into without knowing anything about it, other than what's written on the blurb. Having had no previous experience with revenants, I had no idea what to expect, but I'm happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, that's a slight understatement... truth is, I absolutely loved this book from start to finish.

Zombies aren't something I'm particularly interested in, in all honesty, so when I discovered that this novel featured them - albeit slightly differently from the normal flesh-eating walking dead - I was a little wary. Nevertheless, I committed to reading it and I'm beyond glad that I did. Plum has taken ancient mythology and made it completely her own. The revenants in this novel are utterly unique and I loved the twists that Plum added, from the dormancy every month to the ancient feud with the numa, and even the sacrificial nature of the revenants. I never felt like I had questions left unanswered when it came to the revenants and I was happy to keep on reading while Plum gave out information at her own pace - no overwhelming informational overload here, folks!

The discovery of supernatural creatures by the hero/ine is a tricky subject for most authors and, generally speaking, I'm often disappointed by the instant believe and acceptance these discoveries are usually accompanied by. Amy Plum did not disappoint. Kate was definitely one of the most realistic YA heroines I've ever come across. Though she did believe a little too easily, the acceptance took time - in fact, her leaving Vincent because she couldn't be okay with his life was one of the best decisions an author has made. Though Kate's recent loss of her parents has made her guarded, she was a very brave, loyal, and logical character. As Vincent slowly brought down her walls, Kate's happiness started to return. I can't wait to see where Plum takes her next.

Vincent, on the other hand, I couldn't connect with. His interactions with everyone always felt too formal, and I can't say it was because of the era he was born in - the other revenants had all adapted, so why was Vincent so... proper? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed him through Kate's thoughts and emotions, I just couldn't connect with him personally. Nevertheless, I did love his relationship with Kate. They rubbed together nicely, what with Kate being pretty old-fashioned in a lot of ways, and I don't think Plum could have written them as a couple any better. I'm excited to see what happens next and I'm holding out hope that Vincent will lighten up a little in the next book. He's definitely intense. His backstory did make me warm to him a little, but it wasn't enough to make me actually love him.

Jules, however, was a character whom I didn't like initially, but I think that was the point. The revenant way of life means keeping humans at bay, so his initial treatment of Kate was completely understandable. Nevertheless, the guy did a complete 180, going from acting obnoxious and uncaring to becoming one of my favourite characters. Charming, flirty, and truly kind, I'm excited to see what Plum does with him next.

Ambrose, Charlotte, Charles, Jean-Baptiste, Gaspard... the other revenants had relatively large parts to play, and I loved all of them in their own way. Plum created a fantastic slew of secondary characters and I connected with them all by the end of the novel. Plum's writing has a way of capturing you from the word go and doesn't release you until the very last page. Though not a cliffhanger ending, I'm eager to dive into the next book right away so I can experience more of the beautiful descriptions and elegant writing.

The story itself was interesting and while the majority of the book was focused on Kate and Vincent, there was a plot unfurling regarding the numa, the evil undead enemy of the revenants. Towards the end of this novel, we discovered the truth about a certain new boyfriend of Kate's sister, Georgia, and the story began to click into place. Though I felt the final showdown was a little rushed, I loved the way Plum wrote it and hope she brings more fighting to the table in the other novels. 

From the very first encounter, these life-saving revenants will draw you into their world and will not let you go. Amy Plum is a fantastic author and my lack of connection with Vincent became obsolete as I became more and more invested in the story. I can't wait to experience more of this wonderful world and if you haven't already checked this book out, I highly recommend you do.