My Thoughts On If I Should Die by Amy Plum

25 May 2015


There's a common theme in YA literature that I've chosen to ignore over the last couple of years, and that's the whole boy meets girl, they fall in love, they then break up for whatever reason, but eventually they overcome their problems and get their happily ever after. I've kind of gotten used to this being the rule rather than the exception, but sometimes it's nice to find a series that breaks the mold. The Revenants trilogy is one of those series'. Though the romance is the largest part of the book, and the couple did break up, there's so much more going on in the story, including an ancient war with the numa - evil revenants whose sole purpose in life is to take human lives. These books have been like a breath of fresh air to me and I'm definitely sad to say goodbye to this world.

Kate underwent a huge transformation in this series, from being the sad, lonely girl she was when she first moved to Paris to being one of the strongest characters I think I've ever experienced. Kate has a lot of inner strength and she's loyal to her core. Having to deal with a loved one's murder would be hard for anyone to bear, but Kate throws herself into the task of finding a solution and refuses to believe Vincent is gone forever. I've always loved their relationship, but this novel definitely solidified that fact to an unbreakable point.

Unfortunately, I cannot talk about anything plot-related for fear of spoilers, but despite the somewhat predictable nature of this story, I loved every single second of it. Plum really stepped up in this novel and delivered the kind of conclusion that very few authors can achieve. The writing in this entire series has flown beautifully from start to finish, and once again I find myself yearning to visit the lovely city of Paris. Though the story was somewhat predictable, as I mentioned before, it was the good kind of predictability - the kind you really hope you're right about. It's easy to see where this book is going, but Amy Plum definitely changes the game. I sincerely wish with all of my heart that Plum would write one more book following the events of If I Should Die. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Overall, the Revenants trilogy is one I would recommend to most any YA urban fantasy fan. I absolutely loved this novels and will definitely read them again in the future. The mystery and intrigue of the revenant life, paired with the ongoing war with the numa made for a very interesting story, and most of the characters couldn't have been written better. The relationship between Vincent and Kate melted my heart and I'm glad that Plum brought this series to a close in a way that bridged the gap between sadness and joy. Though this novel was not without tragedy, I left it feeling happier than I have in a long time. An absolutely stellar series that you should definitely check out.