The Reader Problems Book Tag

15 May 2015

I'm here today with a tag created by Youtube user About To Read. This tag is all about reader problems, so it should be fun to see what comes up, and what I can relate to. Please note, I have removed some questions for time management purposes, so if you want to see the full set of questions, head on over to the creator's page.

How Do You Decide What To Read Next?

I'm very much a mood reader, so deciding what to read next is the hardest thing I have to do on a semi-regular basis. When I fully returned to the world of literature in January, I did start choosing the books I wanted to read every month in advance. The system has been working for the most part, but I've decided to scrap that idea due to sheer laziness. I'm just going to peruse my shelf from here on out, unless I decide to start requesting review copies again (unlikely, but you never know - I am unemployed now).

Do You Stop Reading A Book You're Not Liking Or Are You Committed?

It's very rare that a book will make it onto my DNF pile, and though I can't remember what the last book was that I put down halfway through, I know that it was at least 2 years ago. If I'm debating whether or not I want to continue with a book, I'll look at multiple factors before I make my final decision: how far I am through the book; why I'm not enjoying it; and whether this is a common problem for others who read the book. I'm a pretty clinical reader, mainly because I don't want to feel as though I've wasted money (especially considering how careful I am with the books I buy). I know it's a part of life - you can't enjoy all the books - but I will try my damned hardest to see things through to the end.

How Do You Cope When Covers Change Midway Through A Series?

Cope? That word isn't even in my vocabulary when it comes to cover changes. My obsession with matching covers doesn't necessarily mean I'll wait until an entire series is released in the same style, but I will purchase new copies of books if they change. I know the first option seems more money-friendly, but that's like asking a child to wait 3+ years for a toy they want to play with now. I have gotten better at waiting until the majority of a series is out before starting to buy them, but sometimes it's just a risk I have to take.

Do You Re-read Novels In Preparation For Sequels?
Yes! I absolutely love re-reading novels, and I genuinely can't understand the people who take no pleasure from it. Returning to a world you've loved before is like coming home after a long time away. It's like seeing old friends you haven't spent time with in years. However, I will admit that it's pretty necessary for me. I have a pretty short memory, so if it's been a while since I read the first book in a series, I won't have a clue what I'm reading when it comes to the sequel. I admire the people who don't have to re-read books for the sake of remembering the plot, but I will never understand the people who don't re-read for fun. It's one of the best feelings in the world.

How Do You Get Over Reading Slumps?

Actually, this ties in quite well with the last question about re-reading novels. Since Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone was released 18 years ago (I feel old), I've read the book at least 15 times (and owned at least 6 copies). I would always read it again when the next book in the series came out, and I've read it pretty much every year since the series finished. This story never gets old, and no matter which book I read in the series, I can guarantee it will break me out of even the most hard-hitting reading slump. As a childhood favourite, these novels will always hold a special place in my heart, and I don't think age will ever take away the magic.

If you want to do this tag, feel free, and please leave me the link to your post/video so I can check it out!